Eye-catching Chandeliers To Match Different Home Decorating Styles

Eye-catching Chandeliers To Match Different Home Decorating Styles

Choosing a right chandelier for your home decor is a matter of taste. Chandeliers come in every style– industrial, rustic, boho, geometric or rustic. Whether your taste tends to be modern, vintage, romantic or elegant, there must be the one that suits your aesthetic and design style of your home. Let’s see how these eye-catching chandeliers finely fit into different home decorating styles.


1.Wood beaded chandelier sends out boho chic to a living room.

The wood beaded luminary delivers a sweet note of farmhouse vibe to the living room. The coffee hue of its frame, arms and sleeve covers fit well with the cinnamon furniture and coffee window frame. The wood beads alongside with the wood furniture introduce an organic vibe to the space. Open and airy, the luminary flaunting wood bead strands swagging from the top accent and the circular silhouette offers a relaxed and boho take. Accented by embroidered intricate motif and exotic patterns, the cushions, area rug and tableware complete the aesthetic with their vibrant colors and largely intensify the boho chic.


2.Spherical candle chandelier revitalizes a rustic dining room.

The living room seems to be dominated by various shades of brown. The brown window frame serves as a perfect backdrop of the light fixture finished in oil rubbed bronze. Its classic finish and candelabra-inspired lights infuse a dose of vintage feel to the room. The mahogany cabinet and chestnut chairs and table radiate a rustic charm but tend to be a little boring somehow. Inspired by an ancient armillary sphere, the luminary’s dark chocolate hue goes well with the brown palette in the room. Its spherical metal shade adds bold geometric accent and an interesting twist to this vintage rustic form.


3.Distressing wood chandelier brings warmth to a minimalist white bedroom.

Minimalist rooms usually come across as simple and clutter-free. Boasting flowy bedding and plain-colored pillow cases and area rugs, this white minimalist bedroom seems to be clean, yet delivers a cold and pared-down style. The wood light fixture’s column and scrolling arms feature sculpted details of wooden flower and wooden pendants draping on top, which lends a cottage chic and contributes much to the visual impact of this simply-furnished room. The clay brown cabinet, the wooden beam and the tortilla brown luminary offer natural wood tones which contrast the dominant tone of white and adds a touch of warmth to this minimalist bedroom.


4.Glass chandelier lends vintage vibe to a transitional dining room.

This transitional dining room provides an ultimate mix between classic and contemporary style. Dressed in an oil rubbed bronze, the glass lamp imparts a distinct old-fashioned feel and perfectly match the dark-brown cabinet. It boasts five white cylinder glass shades that blend seamlessly into the white backdrop of wall and windows. The art works in pale brown and chocolate on the table work well with the two-toned chairs and the table. The artworks and the furniture bring a refined touch to the decor and exude a contemporary vibe to pair nicely with the old-world elements.


5. Fabric drum shade chandelier injects retro chic into modern space.

The luminary’s oil rubbed bronze finish lends a retro flair to the dining room. Crafting of linen, its the gray drum shade introduces a dash of graceful appeal and goes well with the upholstery of the chairs both in color and material. The luminary blends elegance and tradition and marries the vintage element with modern styles. The wood tones of the chairs and beige brown cabinet evokes nature-inspired feel and a relaxed ambiance. The striped pattern on the area rug brings visual interest into the space. The lines of this rug are simple, which makes the white space seem inviting, tidy and cozy.


6.Metal mesh chandelier gives the contemporary living room an industrial edge.

The light fixture’s hand-painted brownish gray finish makes a rustic statement in the living room. The luminary highlighted by the metal mesh drum shade adds an industrial flair and character to this contemporary interior. The dark tone of the luminary, furniture and the photo frames complement the white cabinets and the white wall and instills a dash of understated elegance to the space. The orange brown area rug is totally identical with the color of some cushions. Their brisk color brings dynamic appeal and infuses a dose of texture to the room. The photos and clock on the wall provide an artistic charm to the room.

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